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Haiti–Day #6–

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Haiti (Feburary 2011)
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We rode in the back of a beat-up, land cruiser pickup truck
to a school in the mountains. Probably about an hour drive, forded a stream, up
fairly steep roads. When we pulled into the school yard, we could hear the kids
singing songs (maybe of the alphabet; they sounded like learning songs). They
came out an queued up; very organized. They sang us some songs, the local “head
of the chamber of commerce” gave them a pep talk about drinking clean water and
staying in school. We then setup our simple water filtration system, they
screamed out Merci! To the chamber dude’s encouragement. I spoke with two
soldiers from Argentina. They had side-arms and a 12 gauge shotgun. They were
supposed to check-in on five schools, but couldn’t find the fifth. Talking to
locals, it didn’t sound like there was another one. These guys were on foot.
It’s hot, dry, tough conditions! Lots of the kids held out their hands and
pointed to their stomach: the international sign that they want food. I sat
down with a few and said, “Zu swee Steve” They giggled and told me their names.

When we ride in the truck, or walk down the rural roads on
the way to the hospital, the kids all yell, “Blanc!”

In the afternoon, I went back to the clinic. Teeownee(sp)
was working with the doc. I gave about three injections.

Then I went to Antwon <sic> house. Crazy. We couldn’t
get change for my $1. We rode in one of those public buses (in the front seat)
to his town, which starts with an M. Then walked through the marketplace.
Filled with trash. Everybody stared at me. More foods than I expected, tomatos,
garlic, etc. I took photos, many from my hip. Then we stopped at a school where
he has his technical school. Broken down computers (only two work), but no
power. Then to his house. I took lots of photos of his family and they loved
seeing them. But what they really liked was seeing him at work. His mom had
never seen him with a stethoscope at work.

FB: Haiti Day 6 (morning). I rode in the back of a Land
Cruiser truck deep into the mountains, on this scrawny road, fording streams,
to a school packed with kids. There we installed a water filter that we created
from a 5 gallon ACE Hardware bucket and a 1 micron water filter that is used
for camping. It’ll clean 1,000,000 liters of H2O.

FB: Haiti Day 6 (afternoon). I road in this “taxi” to a
Haitian medical student’s home town. Dunno if “blancs” (whites) ever get on
these taxis…

FB: Haiti Day 6 (afternoon). The market place was in full
bloom in the medical student’s town. It’s poor (as it all of Haiti). Dirt poor.
It looked like pictures from Africa. Man I felt white! I met his mother and
showed her pictures of her son at work at the hospital (she’s never seen him at
work). I took (and then showed them) family photos.

Haiti (Feburary 2011)
Day #1 Day #2 Day #3 Day #4 Day #5 Day #6 Day #7
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