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Haiti–Day #5–

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Haiti (Feburary 2011)
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I almost didn’t go to the hospital today, ‘cause I felt so unneeded on the last visit. I went, planned to go to the AIDs clinic (where the doc teaching, but you don’t do clinicals). I poked my head in and saw Navy, the Mexican doc and Antonio. They invited me in, I shoed off the other students and interpreter, and had a great day. Here is my patient log:
1. 59f. Fibromyalgia (the doc wrote something like, “neuropathic influwtorin” [I’m not sure of some of the letters in the second word, but that’s what it looked like]). I gave 1 amp of a pain killer.
2. 39f. “Sepsis Vaginal” I gave 1 amp of something. I think the same pain killer. No antibiotic (I don’t know why), but a written prescription (or maybe a slip for lab work).
3. 36f. Cervualgia (cell pain??). She was complaining of pain on the right side of her neck. The doc asked about other pain, and there was some, but most of the problem was touching her neck. I gave 2 ampules of something.
4. 17f. “Sepsis vaginal” (this time I “vaginal infection” and the Doc said yes). No tx by me (I’m guessing she was going for lab work).
5. 28f. “Sepsis vaginal”. I mixed cephalexin (I think) with 5 ml of H20.
6. 26f. Sepsis vaginal. I gave 1 amp.
7. 56m. Arthritis from bacterial. I gave 10 ml (in two injections) of Pcn, and 5 mg of a pain ampule. All in one honking needle. I was helping him stand up, by swinging his legs to the side, and Antonio said no, don’t do that. I think they want to keep distance and not be expected to add a bunch of caring. Seemed foreign to me.
8. 5f. I mixed 5 ml H2O in powder (probably amoxicillin), drew out 3, and then drew in 2 ml of H2O. This was a crying kid (even before injection). The kid shots need to be quick because the struggle and want it over.
9. Dashed out to check a cervix of a woman. It was 5 cm. Difficult for me to feel.
10. 56 f. I gave 2 meds (ampules) in one shot. Probably the pain killer plus one for her heart.
11. 24f. Sore throat. I gave amoxicillin (always a powder). She came back later (about five pts later). Her labs showed that she is anemic. I gave two amps of “ferus” stuff, and an antibiotic. Her iron was 7.5. I think the doc said normal was 12-15.
12. 11m. Parasites. Maybe giardia. I used the remaining amoxicillin.
13. 16m. Sore throat. Yucky white tongue. Red tonsils (although difficult for me to see without a depressor). I expect I gave her an antibiotic.
14. Dashed out to check a different cervix. She was 4 cm. Again, difficult for me to feel. I later realized that I expected the head to be hard, but it was still inside the amniotic sack.
15. F. Abrasion and sore shoulder. Doc examined. I asked, clavicle of AC? They said something else. Maybe the muscle. I gave 1 amp for pain w 4 ml h2O in amoxicillin.
16. 46f. She would touch her stomach and say, “Malad.” Doc: Vomit? Little. It’s interesting that they don’t take vitals for any pts, but I now realize it happened outside, but only bp (and always dropping the last digit and with the 1’s which looked like my 7’s). I gave 1 amp diazepam with 3 ml H2O and ampicillin. This was typical. One amp of pain killer, ampicillin or penicillin or amoxicillin, and often another med for the chief complaint.
17. F. Vagina infection. The pt said vaginal discharge, doc did exam and there wasn’t any discharge (and nothing in her underwear). Oxycillian?
18. Back to one of the pregnant women. 8 cm. The nurse asked Dr. Navy who I was and she said, “He is an American OBGY (that wasn’t the term) specialist doctor.” She said it in Spanish. As we walked out the door, I put my arm around her and said, “You told them I’m a specialist doctor in birthing!” She laughed and said, “You understood me!”
19. 1m. I gave an inj, 1 ampule. Antonio (that’s not his name, it’s more like Antwon) said, “Don’t press!” (because I’d press the hub of the needle into the patient).
20. 10m. I filled with 1 ampule, then with H2O to 5ml, shook, drew out 2.5, then drew 2.5 of H2), then injected. Then his dad received an inj from Adam Henry (the treasure).
21. Navy and I went to deliver a baby. Too much to write, but very slow coming out. Then Cathy came and said she would do it, so Navy left. I hope she didn’t feel pushed out. The nurse eventually got pissed because too many people, so I left. I then came back when the baby had been born. Not breathing, gray, no movement, no crying. I think a 1 or 3 in APGAR. Cathy asked me if I could resuscitate her. I said yes and asked for a mask, and was told there wasn’t one! (Now, as I type, I realize I had one in my pack!) Krista (from Park City) began compressions. The nurse rubbed the baby with alcohol, vigorously, slapped feet, and it began to move. It pinked up over several minutes. Damn, I wish I’d remembered my mask! Oh well, it lived. Head was very cone shaped.
Facebook Haiti Day # 5: I treated 20+ patients today–1 every 10 minutes. They’re all rubbing them bums cussing that sadistic gringo “doctor.” I worked with a woman doc from Mexico (trained in Cuba, see photo) all day. It looked like we were going to deliver two babies simultaneously (one for each of us). She told the nurses I was an American doctor who specialized in delivering babies! Yikes! Only one baby, very ill, not breathing, but we revived her (with no O2 or mask, EMS buddies!).

Haiti (Feburary 2011)
Day #1 Day #2 Day #3 Day #4 Day #5 Day #6 Day #7
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