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Haiti–Day #4–Modern Haitian Farming

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Haiti (Feburary 2011)
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Took a walk-about of the property. I’m guessing we saw about 10 acres, which have been passed down through the family. It has to feed about 30 people. The owner, damn I can’t remember his name, studied agriculture in Dominican Republic and Africa, I think.
The frame is divided into small parcels, probably 50’ square. We saw where the water came from (from a spring in the ground), what they grew. We drank cocoa nut milk, ate the insides by scraping out the meat with a blade of shell. He showed where he had grafted a grapefruit tree.
He as trying all sorts of experimental stuff. One of the coolest examples was that they were growing rice using a new technique (in combination with Cornel), that used less water. The rice plot was small, maybe 50×50. When the rice was harvested, the straw from the rice was used as bedding for the chickens. After the chickens had soiled the straw, it was dumped in a small pond where the organic material (food and other stuffs, too) combined with the sun to create phytoplankton. When there was a bunch of phytoplankton, some of it was put into a small (25×25’) fish pond (with carp and tapila). When the fish grew, the large ones were fed to the humans and the small ones were dried, ground up, and fed to the chickens. No waste, no harm to the land, beautiful.
After the walk about, I spent an hour teaching Alexandra how the circulatory system works (because he asked why his heart beat faster when he walked up stairs). He didn’t even understand that oxygen only came into the body through our mouths and nose. I had him take my pulse, I took his, then we ran around and took them again. I showed him my blue un-oxygenated veins, etc. It was fun. He brought out a book with medical terms that he had written down. The truth is, he didn’t really seem to comprehend some of it. Later in the day, after jump roping with some kids, I asked him why my heart was going faster and he didn’t say, because your body needs more oxygen. It’s hard when you’re 19 to understand all these new concepts.
Facebook: Haiti Day 4 (struggling to post due to internet woes—third try): Toured our host’s sustainable farm. The leftover straw from the rice is used for bedding for the chickens. When soiled, it is dumped in a small pond to grow phytoplankton which is used to feed fish in another pond. The large fish are fed to humans and the small fish are grown into meal to feed the chickens. Very cool use of resources. We then met with a school teacher about installing a water filtration system tomorrow which was followed by a trip to deliver supplies to a local nursing school.

Haiti (Feburary 2011)
Day #1 Day #2 Day #3 Day #4 Day #5 Day #6 Day #7
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